Energy Healing Connects You to Your Intuition, Wisdom and Personal Power

[singlepic id=118 w=320 h=240 float=left]In the last post we talked about personal power and higher consciousness. The story that follows is an example of how energetic techniques can help move you into a place of personal power and higher wisdom.

One of my clients came to session one day right before a meeting with her boss that she anticipated was going to be difficult. She was experiencing a lot of fear and apprehension about the meeting in general, but her first concern was that she would become emotional, cry and lose her credibility with him. She was feeling it was crucial to convince him of several points that were counter to what he was going to be presenting.

We began working with Emotional Freedom Technique to deal with her fear and anxiety.

Her feelings cleared but she was still in a physical posture of holding in and holding up €“ so we moved to centering, creating the global mind-body awareness, did a quick adjustment to her energy flow using a basic flow technique, with the addition of a crossover technique that balanced the left / right flow of energy. This all took less than five minutes.

After this adjustment she reported that she felt calmer, safer and more grounded. My observation was that the tense posturing was gone, her face relaxed and her color improved. As we just let her settle into the new feelings in a quiet moment, she all of a sudden startled and said, “OH, all of a sudden the thought came in that I don’t need to convince him; all I need to do is listen and decide what I will and won’t participate in.” This statement was a clear sign that instead of focusing on the external–him, his position and reacting to it, she had stepped back into herself and accessed her personal power!

Notice that the thinking mind had very little to do with this until the end!

I did not tell her that she needn’t be afraid, she was a competent professional, the company needed her, she was not in danger of being fired, all of which were true but the emotional part of us does not respond to logic well when active. I did not talk about or interpret her posture €“ how it was a reflection of a maladaptive pattern that was weakening her energy flow, making her feel worse €“ nor about how, when our energy becomes ungrounded, we feel anxious, creating a feedback loop that feeds on itself and gets worse.

All those things may be true, but they are cognitive and generally have little impact on our emotional states or upon our ability to access higher level functions.

As it was, not only did this client find her own solution in a moment with incredible clarity, but she went off to the meeting feeling strong and powerful because the awareness she needed came from within.

It is so exciting, so awesome to watch this process where the stage is set, support and guidance are given and €“ voila! €“ higher wisdom emerges. I have witnessed this over and over throughout my work with people. It is a different approach than we normally take when confronting a challenge but one we can learn and become comfortable using until it becomes our usual way of operating.

Personal Power Recap

To summarize, personal power is knowing about yourself, understanding where your reactivity comes from, knowing how to shift out of that reactivity and the accompanying emotions.

Personal power is knowing how to soothe and comfort yourself and how to release fear, worry, and turmoil.

Personal power is knowing how to recognize the clues regarding negative beliefs that are running your life, preventing you from being more peaceful and embracing higher energy states.

As we clear our systems and become more aware of our €˜I AM’ consciousness €“ the place our best wisdom comes from €“ our ability to shape our lives strengthens, our connection to spirit expands, and we begin to not only live differently, but from a different place within.

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